Make money on facebook, wasted a lot time on fb? same here, now start earning easily #breaktheprivacy Break The Privacy

Make money on facebook, wasted a lot time on fb? same here, now start earning easly #breaktheprivacy

If you are looking to make money from Facebook,

then you are not alone. There are millions of people who spend hours a day on Facebook. Many of them would love to know some ways to generate income on Facebook and turn all of that time into cash. It is important to remember that the majority of people on Facebook are turned off by direct sales pitches. If you have something you want to do to make money while using Facebook, then it needs to be subtle but yet obvious enough that people will be willing to buy from you if they so choose. 

There are a lot of ways you can monetize your Facebook site that will not cause you to lose real friends or Facebook friends.

Many of the online companies that offer you the ability to make money on their website also have apps that will help you to make money from Facebook as well
. A good example is a website like Café Press. This site allows you to make a wide variety of customized products include t-shirts, coffee mugs and license plate holders. You can add the Café Press app to your Facebook page and turn all of your friends into potential customers. Other websites that offer similar services are Zazzle and Music Blaster.

Facebook works much the same way as Twitter. The more friends you have, the more money you can make. The difference between Facebook and sites like Twitter is that Facebook limits personal accounts to 5,000 friends. You can start a club or organizational page that can have as many likes as you want, but you will have to take the time to find the people to like your page. But even 5,000 friends can help you make money from Facebook if you start posting your eBay auctions on your Facebook page. EBay allows you to share auctions on your Facebook page, and that can help push at least 5,000 new potential clients to every one of your online auctions.

Can You Make Money from Facebook by Monetization?
Another quick way to turn 5,000 friends to money on Facebook is a monetized blog. You may not be able to monetize your Facebook page, but you can monetize a blog and drive traffic to it from your Facebook page. This is a good way to make money from Facebook because it gives your friends something to read as opposed to trying to sell them a product. All you need to do is encourage your friends to click on your blog advertising to make money

and another way is by reffering google play store apps to people and for each download by your referal can make our rs.15-20 depending upon the country you live and app..for generating your referal code ..just sign in to play store

Instead There are lot lot methods to earn money like discussed above
These are called social media prmotions,marketing depnding upon your way of earning