how to browse/surf anonymously,secretly over the internet,,,easy step by step guide free #breaktheprivacy Break The Privacy

how to browse/surf anonymously,secretly over the internet,,,easy step by step guide free #breaktheprivacy

Whenever you surf the Web, you leave yourself open to being snooped upon by web sites. They can track your online travels, know what operating system and browser you’re running, find out your machine name, uncover the last sites you’ve visited, examine your history list, delve into your cache, examine your IP address and use that to learn basic information about you such as your geographic location, and more. To a great extent, your Internet life is an open book when you visit.

Sites use a variety of techniques to gather and collate this information, but the two most basic are examining your IP address and placing cookies on your PC. Matching your IP address with your cookies makes it easier for them to create personal profiles.
Protect Yourself: Surf Anonymously

The best way to make sure web sites can’t gather personal information about you and your computer is to surf anonymously using an anonymous proxy server that sits between you and the web sites you visit. When you use an anonymous proxy server, your browser doesn’t contact a web site directly. Instead, it tells a proxy server which web site you want to visit. The proxy server then contacts the web site, and when you get the web site’s page, you don’t get it directly from the site. Instead, it’s delivered to you by the proxy server. In that way, your browser never directly contacts the web server whose site you want to view. The web site sees the IP address of the proxy server, not your PC’s IP address. It can’t read your cookies, see the referring page, or examine your clipboard because your PC is never in direct contact with it. You’re able to surf anonymously, without a trace.

There are three primary ways to use anonymous proxy servers. You can configure your browser to use an anonymous proxy server (or else get software to configure it for you); you can visit a web site, which does the work of contacting the server; or you can download software which ensures your anonymity when you use the Internet. We’ll look at how to do each.

STEP #1.

Keep Yourself Anonymous with Tor click on download to download the browser

STEP #2. install it and browse anonymously
you're done

more about torr

Tor is that the best free computer code you'll be able to notice for being anonymous once you use the online. once you use Tor, all of your communications, (not simply internet water sport, however additionally instant electronic messaging and alternative applications) is in essence bounced around a large network of Tor servers referred to as “onion routers,” till it’s not possible for sites or folks to be able to track your activities.

Setting up Tor is easy. transfer a package that features not simply Tor, however alternative computer code you would like to figure collectively with it, like Privoxy, a proxy program. All the computer code is self-configuring, therefore you won’t have to be compelled to monkey around with port settings or variety. Tor runs as alittle icon in your system receptacle. to start out Tor, right-click it, and opt for begin from the menu that appears; to prevent it, right-click, it and opt for Stop.

Once it starts, merely use the web as you usually would. If you’re super-paranoid, you'll be able to often modification your Tor “identity,” to form it even more durable for anyone to trace your travels. Right-click the Tor icon, and choose “New Identity”; that’s all it takes.

Firefox users can need to transfer the Torbutton, that lets them flip Tor on and far from directly among Firefox.

I’ve found only 1 disadvantage to Tor; occasionally, I’ve noticed a delay in water sport once exploitation it. however that comes and goes, and slowdowns aren’t that extreme. therefore if you’re distressed concerning your privacy once you surf, it’s a good bet.

Web Sites that permit You Surf Anonymously for free of charge

A number of free internet sites provide free anonymous water sport via proxy servers. the advantages of those sites area unit obvious: once you surf, you’re anonymous. however there area unit some drawbacks further. water sport tends to be slower, and in some cases terribly slow. And once you use these internet sites, some sites you visit from them don’t show properly.

The sites all work just about constant. Head to them, and in an exceedingly box, kind the online website you wish to go to. From that time on, you’ll be water sport associate degreeonymously; the location will the work of exploitation an anonymous proxy server for you.

The Cloak is one such service. It enables you to customise precisely however anonymous you wish to be and what water sport technologies you wish to go away on or off. It goes on the far side providing obscurity and might additionally shield you in alternative ways in which, for instance, by turning off Java and Javascript, or perhaps block banner ads. you'll be able to piece all that yourself, before you even begin to surf.

Once you are doing that, you kind within the address you wish to go to, and you’re off. As you browse in your browser’s address bar, you’ll notice associate degree odd uniform resource locator that contains The Cloak’s uniform resource locator further because the website you’re visiting. for instance, if you visit CNN, you’ll see one thing like this:


Note that if you wish to stay anonymous throughout your water sport session once you visit the primary electronic computer from The Cloak, you’ll ought to solely click links. If you blood group uniform resource locator directly into the address bar, The Cloak can not work.

The Cloak is free however has some limitations. You’ll surf additional slowly than usually, and also the delay might become noticeable. One reason is that the location additionally offers a for-pay service, so it throttles down free users, whereas property those that pay surf while not a throttle. and also the website can also limit the quantity of your time you surf anonymously further, counting on whether or not several users area unit logged in at the same time.

Use Your Browser with associate degree Anonymous Proxy

If you don’t just like the limitations obligatory on you by sites just like the Cloak, or would merely opt to piece anonymous water sport yourself, you'll be able to simply created your browser to use associate degree anonymous proxy server that sits between you and also the sites you visit.

To use associate degree anonymous proxy server collectively together with your browser, initial notice associate degree anonymous proxy server. many free, public proxy servers area unit accessible, however several oftentimes go offline or area unit terribly slow. several sites compile lists of those proxy servers, together with Public Proxy Servers and Atom InterSoft proxy server list. to search out others, do a Google search.

I like the Atom InterSoft proxy server list as a result of it provides additional info concerning every server. It lists server period proportion and also the last time the server was checked to visualize if it absolutely was on-line.

Find the server with the very best proportion of period. Write down the server’s scientific discipline address and also the port it uses. for instance, if you see twenty four.236.148.15:80, the scientific discipline address is twenty four.236.148.15, and also the port range is eighty.

In net person, choose Tools > ¨Internet choices, click the Connections tab, and click on the local area network Settings button (see the image below). Check the box next to “Use a proxy server for your LAN”. within the Address field, kind within the scientific discipline address of the proxy server. within the Port field, kind in its port range. Check the box next to “Bypass proxy server for native addresses”; you don’t have to be compelled to stay anonymous on your native network (and if your native network could be a personal network, the proxy server won’t be able to connect with any of your internal internet servers anyhow). Click OK so OK once more to shut the dialog boxes. currently once you surf the online, the proxy server can shield your privacy. confine mind that proxy servers will create water sport the online slower, counting on the proxy you’re exploitation.

In Firefox, choose Tools > ¨Options¨ > Advanced, click the Network tab, and click on the Settings button. opt for “Manual proxy configuration”, enter the proxy info (IP address and port number), and click on OK so OK once more.

Problems with Anonymous Proxy Servers

If you created your browser to use anonymous proxies, as I simply printed, you would like to stay in mind that there’s one potential danger: on paper, a hacker might created a proxy server so use it to capture info concerning the online sites you visit. And if you kind in usernames and passwords, he might steal those further.

I haven’t detected of this really happening within the world, however you must bear in mind that it’s a clear stage. exploitation computer code like Tor or a free proxy server like The Cloak won’t expose you to the present danger; solely the employment of public proxy servers will.

How are you able to shield yourself against this? Before employing a proxy server, do a Google search on its name and address, to visualize if there area unit any reports concerning hackers exploitation it. And it’s additionally an honest plan to solely use a server that has been on the lists an extended time as a result of hackers aren't doubtless to stay a server running an extended time while not being caught or motility it down. the opposite choice is to use the proxy just for casual water sport and not use a proxy once you connect with a service that needs a username and secret.