How to know who's stealing your wifi connection and fixing it *.* #breaktheprivacy Break The Privacy

How to know who's stealing your wifi connection *.* #breaktheprivacy

I suggest you to always to check your wi-fi connection for connected devices. So make sure unknown devices are not connected with your network. Mainly WiFi stealers slow down your internet speed and you face slow connection speed in your PC. Try this method in your PC and know how many devices connected to your WiFi network.

If you using pc

Download WHO Is on my Wifi or wifi gaurd application
you'll see the devices connected to your wifi with their mac address,computer name/device name and ip address

Download wireless network watcher to see who's connected to your wifi and you can also block him/her

using no app only browser and cmd

STEP cmd

STEP #2. type 'ipconfig' press enter

STEP #3.copy the ip address of router written infront of 'default gateway'

STEP #4.paste it in url box of browser and open webpage, it'll ask you or password enter 'admin' mostly router vendors use that as default pass like D-link..if not then see router manual you'll find it there...i assume Now you logged in

STEP on something device list,attached devices

now you'll get information of person connected to your router, you can block them also.

some default password of common vendors are listed here

  1. The default admin login Linksys products is usually User Name: (blank) password: admin
  2. The default admin login Netgear routers is User Name: admin password: password
  3. The default admin login Dlink routers is User Name: Admin; Password: (blank).
  4. The default admin login for Siemens routers is User Name: Admin; Password: admin (all lowercase).

When you steal someone WiFi, do they get a notification that your device is using it?
When you make any unauthorized access to a network, the owner of the network will not be notified that another device has joined their network. They will only see it when they access the modem’s page and manually check all the devices that are currently connected to their wireless service.

Only way they get a notification is if they are using a program for their router. Most routers though do not come with any form of program to monitor network traffic

What to do if you are certain that unwanted users are connected to your wireless router
1) Block the MAC address of the unwanted devices.
2) The first thing to do is to change your wireless router security key.
You can do that by going to your router console. Think of the hardest password you can, so that others won't be able to connect to your wireless or won't be able to crack or hack your password easily.
3) You can also allow only a list of MAC's to connect to your router.

Any other MAC's that are not among the allowed to connect will be blocked from connecting. you can use mac filter an application for both pc and android

If someone is stealing your WiFi, can you see what websites they have been on?
Yes, it is possible for you to see what websites have been visited through your WiFi connection. This depends on the router that you use though; it should support SYSLOG. Another way is to use a network monitoring tool such as Wireshark. It is a professional monitoring tool, so it can be a little difficult to use for a home monitor. If you want your WiFi connection to be a little more secure, go for WPA2(AES)connection, because WEP and WPA can be hacked more easily.

If using android smart phone

Download  wifi spy app or fing from google playstore

you'll see the devices connected to your wifi with their mac address,computer name/dev‪ice name and IP address.

or download wifi kill if you're not an authentic users you can stop internet of other devices and use full speed alone xD


  • Protect your WiFi network by inputting your desired hard-to-crack, long password.
  • Don't share your password with anyone, except if you really trust him or her.
  • Think long and hard when choosing passwords to avoid them being cracked.

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