what is the difference beween HTTP and HTTPS, everything you need to know #breaktheprivacy

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What is the difference beween HTTP and HTTPS, everything you need to know #breaktheprivacy


With more people joining the Internet each day, It’s important that it’s security is.. well it has to be good. Off course, everything can be hacked and that’s the way Hackers work. They know there is a vulnerability but they don’t know the rest. In this article, I’ll try to explain the big difference between HTTP and HTTPS.

What is HTTP :-

HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Whenever we open up a website, we use this protocol. The client asks the server to open communication on port 80. The server does that and opens port 80 and at the client side several random ports are opened.

Is HTTP secure?

HTTP is absolutely not secure. If someone would use a MITM (Man In The Middle) attack and search with Wireshark, then the attacker would easily gain access to your account.

Packet data send with HTTP is not encrypted. That’s why it is so easy to crack into a session using MITM and Wireshark.

What is HTTPS :-

HTTPS is a combination of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer Protocol) / TLS (Transport Layer Security) to provide encrypted communication and secure identification of a network web server. HTTPS is mainly used for Internet Banking, Payment Transactions and Login pages.

It’s goal is to provide maximum security for web pages that send secure information. HTTPS works the same as HTTP but it has encryption on top of it. HTTPS works like this:www.breaktheprivacy.com Break The Privacy

Is HTTPS secure?

HTTPS is definitely secure. If someone would use the same method as with HTTP (MITM + Wireshark), then the attacker would only get Encrypted information as seen above.


The conclusion would be that try to use only those websites which use HTTPS. HTTPS is secure and prevents hackers from hacking your precious Social media accounts. Offcourse, there are ways around HTTPS as there are always ways to bypass security. But for now, you are accounts will be safe.

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