how to create fake facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram and many more IM Fake conversation xD easy step by step guide #breaktheprivacy Break The Privacy

how to create fake facebook messenger , Whatsapp, Instagram and many more IM Fakeconversation xD easy step by step guide #breaktheprivacy


STEP #1.

 First of all, download the Yazzy App Here – YAZZY.

STEP #2.

 After the installation, Open the App and tap on the top left to get more options.

STEP #3.

 Go to settings and un-check the include water mark. Because nobody wants the watermark.

STEP #4.

 After that, go back to the front page and tap on the messenger option.

STEP #5.

 Now add the picture of the person you want and also add his name. 

STEP #6.

 Now Swipe to go on messages. In it add any message you want to set from your victim. After that click on the left + button. Then add another message from your side (You can also add someone else here too). And then click on the Right + button. Make a fake conversation like that in your own way.

STEP #7.

 Click on the Next button on the top right of the screen once you have made the conversation.

STEP #8.

 At last click on the refresh button to see how your conversation looks like, if it’s great, Save it. If not, edit again

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