Facebook hack: Enlarge locked profile picture (display picture hack) #breaktheprivacy

Facebook hack: Enlarge locked profile picture (display picture hack)100% Hacking Easily like PRO...Step by Step guide


Step #1. Open any Facebook profile with locked display picture. for instance lets consider this profile:

Step #2. Right click on the profile picture and click “Copy image URL”. 
www.breaktheprivacy.com Break The Privacy

Paste the copied URL in a notepad or address bar. you will see something like this:


If you observe the above URL, you Will notice that the text in red actually matches the thumbnail size of the profile picture which is being locked i.e 160×160.

Step #3. Now the trick is to replace s160×160 with s720×720 in the above link , so your new link will look something like this:

Step #4.
 Now just visit this new picture link and bam! you have the original locked profile/display picture on your Screen. Enjoy!!

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